The following cumulative hot fix is available for SlickEdit 2011 (v16.0.3). The cumulative hotfix contains all of the most up-to-date macro fixes for SlickEdit v16.0.3. You can confirm the Version Information by going to Help > About SlickEdit.

NOTE#1: To load a hot fix on a multi-user installation of SlickEdit please see the "Automatically Installing Hot Fixes" section in the SlickEdit User Guide (slickedit_install_dir\docs\SlickEdit_User_Guide.pdf)

NOTE#2: Hotfixes for SlickEdit 16.0.3 will NOT work with the latest 16.1 Mac OS X build.

Download the hotfix file to a temp (or any) directory on your local machine. Load the hotfix by going to Help > Product Updates > Load Hot Fix and navigate to the hotfix file on your local disk. SlickEdit will copy and load the files to your Configuration Directory and there is no need to extract the files. NOTE: SlickEdit expects all hotfix files to be in .zip format, and extracting the contents of the file is not necessary.

File name:
File size: 1155 KB
Revision: 12
Date: 16 May 2012

Latest updates:

• gnucopts.e -- Configure command-line to use --args when Debugger options are set to Use other debugger and using program arguments.

Updates included in a previous revision:

• jrefactor.e -- Fix Slick-C stack in Java auto-import.
• context.e -- Fix PHP tagging bug.
• jrefactor.e -- Fixed bugs in Organize Imports.
• git.e vc.e -- Improved Git support.
• vsnet.e -- Fix Slick-C stack in gui-goto.
• lua.e -- Fix lockup navigating Lua files.
• tbopen.e stdprocs.e -- Fix issue where Sync Current Directory would not work for other drives. Simplified saving/retrieving control values.
• csymbols.e -- Fix C# Context Tagging hang.
• commentformat.e -- Better error checking to prevent stack when unsaved lexer data gets corrupted.
• search.e -- Temporary fix for pressing C-S-W during incremental search causing a hang (keybindings different for Emacs emulation).
• tagwin.e autocomplete.e -- Fix bug in preview window to honor timeout setting even when updated after switching focus and when tag files were updated.
• slickc.e -- Fix "profile save" command to force file to be saved with tabs, even if the user has the editor configured to expand tabs on save.
• context.e wkspace.e -- Fix vsmktags to work correctly with threaded tagging subsystem. Enhance vsmktags to be able to rebuild tag files without specifying workspace file.
• csymbols.e -- Fix bug where navigating to a qualified struct name from a context where there is also a local variable of the same name will always navigate to the local, even though the struct name is qualified.
• SymbolColorAnalyzer.e -- Fix bug where symbol definitions and declarations would be underlined when the user turned off the option to have Symbol Coloring display them in bold.
• asm.e -- Fix hang in IBM HL/ASM assembly language Context Tagging.
• debug.e, debugpkg.e -- Fix bug in Debug > Step Into which would prevent it from being able to start debugging using Step Into.
• proctree.e -- Fix stack that occurs when you turn on outline view for XML and switch between XML and non-XML files.
• selcob.e -- Fix for select code block in Cobol to correctly match IF with nested STRING or other imperitive statement.
• slickc.e -- Fix Slick-C stack in profiler caused by divide-by-zero error.
• bookmark.e, tagfind.e -- Do not push bookmark when navigating to a user's bookmark or a pushed bookmark if the user has the option not to push bookmarks for search results turned on.
• subversion.e -- Support for Subversion 1.7.
• backtag.e -- When tagging a file on save, only open the database for writing if we need it opened immediately for writing. Do not force the main thread to open the tag database for writing when we are going to let the file be tagged in the background anyway.
• backtag.e -- Do not do background tagging of buffers, or tagging on save, for auto-updated tag files. They are presumed to be updated outside of the editor.
• cjava.e -- Add support for Java 1.7 in auto-tag dialog.
• bgsearch.e compile.e diff.e error.e fileman.e files.e project.e stdprocs.e tags.e wkspace.e -- Better support for UNIX paths with square brackets.
• tagrefs.e -- Fix file case issue in References tool window.
• pmatch.e -- Fix stack overflow from preprocessing in a D-language source file.
• bookmark.e -- Better data handling for re-locatable bookmarks to reduce stacks and null data.
• tags.e pip.e -- Fixes to correctly handle tag file names where the path contains a colon.
• menu.e -- Better handling of filenames and paths containing ampersands.
• bufftabs.e -- Fixing a couple of stacks associated with Manual file tab ordering.
• tags.e -- Change error message about missing tag files to a warning using a notification alert. This allows tagging to continue despite a missing tag file.