The following cumulative hot fix is available for SlickEdit 2014 (v19.0.1.1). The cumulative hotfix contains all of the most up-to-date macro fixes for SlickEdit v19.0.1.1. You can confirm the Version Information by going to Help > About SlickEdit.

Download the hotfix file to a temp (or any) directory on your local machine. Load the hotfix by going to Help > Product Updates > Load Hot Fix and navigate to the hotfix file on your local disk. SlickEdit will copy and load the files to your Configuration Directory and there is no need to extract the files. NOTE: SlickEdit expects all hotfix files to be in .zip format, and extracting the contents of the file is not necessary.

File name:
File size: 1,115 KB
Revision: 2
Date: 12 February 2015

Latest updates:

• beautifier.e -- Fixed stack that could occur when typing in an enum in Java mode.
• tbcmds.e se/ui/toolwindow.e -- Fix bug where a feature, like Go To Reference or Find, activates a tool-window to show results (e.g. References, Search Results), but restores all tabs in the tabgroup. This made it cumbersome because you had to Hide each tool-window to dismiss the tabgroup showing the results. Note that activating a tool-window via command, like activate_references or activate_search, will continue to restore the entire tabgroup.
• beautifier.e html.e hformat.e -- Fixed bug where tab settings were not correctly set for buffers with XML or HTML based languages.
• tagwin.e tagrefs.e -- Fix bug where showing tag Preview or References tool-window could change active editor window's tab settings.
• smartp.e beautifier.e vicmode.e -- Fixed 'o' command in VIM emulation so the cursor is put in the column calculated by SmartIndent if SmartIndent is enabled.
• annotations.e -- Make sure we use the current window when adding a new annotation and correct some spacing issues on the New Annotation form.
• filetypemanager.e -- Make sure to save option for mapping extensionless files.
• diffedit.e -- Fix for Slick-C stack if you pressed an unbound key in diff mode
• se/vc/CVSClass.e -- CVS GUI Update gives incorrect output.
• se/vc/CVSClass.e se/vc/GitClass.e se/vc/Hg.e se/vc/Perforce.e se/vc/SVN.e -- Fix issue that can keep Perforce support from working depending on shell.
• csymbols.e -- Fix bug in C++ context tagging when a template class is specifically imported.
• bgsearch.e guicd.e javaopts.e project.e ptoolbar.e tagform.e wkspace.e -- Fixes for exclusions working properly for Tag Files dialog, Project Properties, and else where.
• stdprocs.e vi.e -- Fix for isdirectory() handling smb:// properly on Ubuntu. Fix for VIM appending to macro recording with 'q'.
• color/vslick.vlx -- Fix color coding for C-style hex integer literals in Perl.
• compile.e -- Add code to make sure that the current configuration is passed along to vsbuild when doing a build-first operation, such as prior to starting a debugging run on a GNU project.
• ppedit.e -- Fix bug where C/C++ preprocessing dialog would lose track of imported defines.
• aliasedt.e -- Fix import of language aliases.
• se/color/SymbolColorAnalyzer.e -- Fix bug in symbol coloring where it did not handle scoping correctly.
• tags.e tagfind.e -- Fix bug in calculation of applicable tag files for files that do not have any support for tagging operations. As a side-effect, this also fixes a the behavior of the Find Symbol tool window for such files.
• tbfind.e -- Fix macro recording issue with Replace and List replaced matches option.
• csymbols.e -- Fix bug handling C++ namespace aliases in context tagging.
• briefsch.e -- Fix bug in re-toggle command that would prevent toggling with Perl or Wildcard regex syntax.
• se/color/SymbolColorAnalyzer.e se/color/SymbolColorRule.e -- Fix symbol coloring bug where we did not handle local variable scoping correctly and another bug where we incorrectly matched a class function definition as a Global Function.

NOTE: To load a hot fix on a multi-user installation of SlickEdit please see the "Automatically Installing Hot Fixes" section in the SlickEdit User Guide (slickedit_install_dir\docs\SlickEdit_User_Guide.pdf)