64-bit Version for Windows Workspace Tagging Excludes
Multithreading Auto-Reload Performed on a Thread
Improved PL/I and COBOL Support    

64-bit Version for Windows A native 64-bit version of SlickEdit Core for Eclipse is now available for Windows. This version requires a 64-bit JVM. A 64-bit version of the plugin is not yet available on Linux.

Multithreading Much of our energy this year has been spent on reengineering parts of SlickEdit Core to be multithreaded. This will allow us to make better use of available CPU resources and reduce the waiting time for affected operations. The Context Tagging engine has been the focus of this work, so that we can update and read the tag database using multiple threads. Many of the parsers for supported languages have been updated to run on a thread.
  Background Process
The Context Tagging engine alerts you that tagging is happening in the background as you are continuing your work, rather than waiting for the tagging to occur.

Improved PL/I and COBOL Support All supported Context Tagging operations for PL/I and COBOL are improved in this version, with upgraded or newly implemented parsers. Includes/copybooks are now tagged at parse-time. Background tagging is supported for both languages.

Workspace Tagging Excludes SlickEdit Core will automatically tag all source files in your Eclipse workspace. The Workspace Tagging Excludes feature allows you to specify absolute paths or partial path components in your workspace which you want to be excluded from automatically being tagged.
workspace excludes

Auto-Reload Performed on a Thread Auto-reload now uses a thread to access files, preventing SlickEdit from hanging due to unavailable resources. Auto-reload is still performed when you switch applications.