SlickEdit products all provide advanced editing support for a wide range of programming languages, file types and encodings. SlickEdit products also provide the ability to add language-specific color coding for languages and file types not listed below.

Languages and File Types
ActionScript D Java ™ PowerNP Assembler VHDL
Ada DB2 ® JavaScript ™ Progress 4GL Visual Basic®, VB.NET ™
ANTLR DocBook JCL PV-Wave® Windows batch files
AppleScript® DTD JSP Python ™ Windows® PowerShell
AWK Erlang Lex REXX x86 Assembly
Bourne shel scripts F# Lua Ruby XHTML
C,C++ Fortran Makefile SAS ® XML, XSD
C Shell Haskell Modula-2 Slick-C® Yacc
C# High Level Assembler Objective-C SystemVerilog  
CFScript HTML, CFML Pascal Tcl  
Ch IDL Perl Transact SQL ®  
CICS INI, config files PHP VBScript  
COBOL InstallScript PL/I Vera®  
CSS J# PL/SQL Verilog®  


Color Coding Only
asm Assembler MIPS Clipper Model 204
asm390 Assembler PPC Config File SABL
Aspect Assembler SPARC Foxpro for Windows tex
Assembler Alpha Batch HP Basic Tool
Assembler Generic Bourne Shell IMakefile xbase
Assembler HP C Shell INI File  
Assembler x86 CA-Visual Objects Makefile  


Unicode UTF-8 Hebrew (IS-8859-8)
Unicode UTF-16 Hebrew (Windows-1255)
Unicode UTF-16 big endian Hebrew (Windows-862)
Unicode UTF-32 Icelandic (Windows-861)
Unicode UTF-32 big endian Icelandic Macintosh (macIceland)
SBCS/DBCS Japanese (Shift-Jis)
EBCDIC (SBCS/DBCS mode) Japanese (jis0201)
Arabic (Windows-1256) Japanese (jis0208)
Arabic (Windows-864) Japanese (jis0212)
Arabic (ISO-8859-6) Japanese (EUC-JP)
Baltic (Windows-775) Japanese Macintosh (macJapan)
Baltic (Windows-1257) Korean (Windows-949)
Canadian French (Windows-863) Korean (ksc5601)
Central and Eastern Europe (ISO-8859-2) Korean (EUC-KR)
Central Europe Macintosh (macCentEuro) Latin 3 (ISO-8859-3)
Chinese Simplified (GB-1988) Latin 4 (ISO-8859-4)
Chinese Simplified (GB-2312) Latin 5 (ISO-8859-9)
Chinese Simplified (EUC-CN) Latin 6 (ISO-8859-10)
Chinese Traditional (Big5) Latin 7 (ISO-8859-13)
Chinese Traditional (GB-12345) Latin 8 (ISO-8859-14)
Chinese Traditional (Windows-950) Latin 9 (ISO-8859-15)
Croatian Macintosh (macCroatian) Latin 10 (ISO-8859-16)
Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5) MS Latin II (Windows-1250)
Cyrillic (KOI8-R) Latin Macintosh (macRoman)
Cyrillic (KOI8-U) Nordic (Windows-865)
Cyrillic (Windows-1251) Portuguese (Windows-860)
Cyrillic IBM (Windows-855) Romanian Macintosh (macRomania)
Cyrillic Alphabet (Windows-866) Slavic (Windows-852)
Cyrillic Macintosh (macCyrillic) Symbol
Dingbats Thai (Windows-874)
Dingbats Macintosh (macDingbats) Thai (tis-620)
DOS Latin 1 (Windows-850) Thai Macintosh (macThai)
DOS Latin US (Windows-437) Turkish (Windows-1254)
Greek (Windows-1253) Turkish IBM (Windows-857)
Greek (ISO-8859-7) Turkish Macintosh (macTurkish)
Greek IBM PC (Windows-737) Ukraine Macintosh (macUkraine)
Greek IBM Modern (Windows-869) Viet (Windows-1258)
Greek Macintosh (macGreek) Western European (Windows)