SlickEdit for Mac

SlickEdit is a fast, extendable multi-langauge, multi-platform programming editor. SlickEdit for Mac brings SlickEdit's vast, flexible project and language support to the Mac as a native Aqua interface application.

With SlickEdit for Mac, you can develop across multiple platforms with the same editor, the same key shortcuts, the same UI, the same macros, and more. You can expect SlickEdit to smoothly handle your large projects of 40,000+ files, while feeling light enough for smaller projects. SlickEdit's several quality keyboard emulations offer you an easy migration from other editors. SlickEdit's flexibility and extendibility offer you an editor that conforms to you.

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Why Choose SlickEdit for Mac?

  • Extensive project support, including the ability to open, build, and debug Xcode projects.
  • Integrated debugging.
  • 15 emulations.
  • Color coding support for more than 40 languages.
  • Support for most major version control systems.
  • Built-in file comparison and FTP tools.

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What They're Saying about SlickEdit for Mac

"I love slickedit. I'm addicted to it. Every time I try something else there's something missing. If I use emacs or vim all the modern IDE like features are missing. If I use XCode a ton of other true editing features are missing."

"I want to work fast, not frustrated by the IDE limitations or swapping platforms and envorinments and getting in a confused mess. SlickEdit is the ONLY reason I can bear to develop on a Mac, and why I dont miss the PC for doing so!  SlickEdit as a native Mac application makes this even better.

Missing a powerful feature in your editor?  Theres a Macro for that..."

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The SlickEdit community forum is a place where you can both find and provide answers regarding SlickEdit for Mac. This is a great place to go to learn about how Mac developers are using the product.
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