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Why doesn't my Tab key move text?



Why doesn't my Tab key move text?


The Tab key does a lot more work to support automatic syntax reindenting. These options can be accessed per extension from Tools > Options > Languages > [language] > Indent. Click on the "Help" button on this dialog for a detailed description of all options. If, after reading and trying these options, you still want the Tab key to always move text without smart reindenting:

  1. Edit a file with the extension for which you want to change the tab behavior
  2. Go to (Tools Options Key Bindings)
  3. From the command list, select "move-text-tab"
  4. Uncheck "Affect all modes"
  5. Click on the "Add Key or Mouse Click" button, and then press the Tab key
  6. Click "Bind", then click "Done".


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