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How do I uninstall SlickEdit®?


The uninstall process depends on the platform and version of SlickEdit you are using.

  Microsoft® Windows®:
  First, go to (Help About SlickEdit) to identify the location of the configuration directory. This directory can be deleted after performing the Windows uninstall if you desire.

  Now, to uninstall SlickEdit, get to the Add/Remove Programs section of the Windows Control Panel and uninstall SlickEdit.

  If SlickEdit is not listed for any reason, then just delete the SlickEdit installation directory. No files are installed elsewhere on the system and SlickEdit makes only minor changes to the Windows registry.

  Delete the directory where SlickEdit was installed (/opt/slickedit/ by default) and everything under it. User configurations are stored in the .slickedit directory in the user's home directory by default.



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