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Why does SlickEdit® not take me to my class definitions?



Why does SlickEdit® not take me to my class definitions?


Cases where not all of the tags show up in the "Procs" tab or the Class Browser are usually caused by #defines used in the code. If SlickEdit does not know the value of a #define, it will prevent it from being able to tag it correctly.

You need to add this code's macro information to the list of #defines through the dialog under Tools > Options > Languages > Application Languages > C/C++ > C/C++ Preprocessing.

Just click the "New" button to add these defines, and then enter their value in the opposite pane. If you leave the value blank, SlickEdit will then just ignore the define.

After defining your preprocessing, you will need to rebuild your files so the information in your tag files is updated. To do this, go to the (Tools > Tag Files) dialog, choose the tag file that includes the information you are using, and click on "Rebuild Tag File". Make sure that you uncheck the "Retag modified files only" option to retag all of these files, and then click on "OK".

In order to see if SlickEdit is tagging a particular symbol correctly or not, go to its definition and go to the "Procs" tab on the Project Toolbar to see if it shows up here correctly. If it does not show up here, it is not being tagged correctly.


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