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How do I run my compile or make from within SlickEdit?



How do I run my compile or make from within SlickEdit?


The most common way to compile from inside of SlickEdit is to set up a Project within the editor. To set up a project within SlickEdit:

1. Go to (Project New).
2. Select the project type if it is listed; otherwise select "(None)" to define your project manually.
3. From the "Files" tab, add your source files to the project.
4. From the "Directories" tab, add INCLUDE directories. This feature helps SlickEdit find the header files when right clicking on a C/C++ #include line and choosing "Go to error/include file".
5. If you used a wizard to create your project such as a Java or GNU C/C++ wizard, then use the "Options" button from the Tools tab to configure compile/build options; otherwise, enter the Build and Compile command strings on the Tools tab.

To load the source files specified in the project, select the "Files" tab of the Project toolbar and double click on your files, or go to (Project Load Files).

Add compile or make support without using a project:

Go to (Tools Options File Extension Setup on the "Advanced" tab), select the desired extension, and click on "Extension Specific Project" button to set up your compile and build command strings.

This is an extension specific setting, but note that if you have a project open with a Compile or Build command defined, the extension specific Compile or Build command is ignored.


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