Note: The table below gives an overview of the key differences between SlickEdit Pro and Standard. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list.
Raspberry Pi
Solaris SPARC  
Solaris x86  
Automatically reformat code when typing, pasting, or performing syntax/alias expansion.  
Syntax expansion automatically expands common block structures (e.g. if, for, try) after typing keyword.
Auto-Complete reduces keystrokes by completing symbols as you type.
SmartPaste® automatically reindents pasted lines of text.
Choose from 15 keystroke emulations including Brief, CodeWright, Vim, and Emacs.
Multiple cursors and selections.
Create custom typing shortcuts with Aliases.
Dynamic Surround - Surround existing lines of code with block statements or tags.
Create reusable modules/units of code with Code Templates.
Backup History maintains a version history for a file each time you save.
Edit files up to 2 TB in size.
Symbol Analysis and Navigation    
Navigate source code, jump to a symbol definition, declaration, or reference.  
List members/methods/properties for a symbol or object.  
When entering function arguments, display prototype and highlight current argument.  
When entering function argument, list compatible variables and expressions.  
View members and inherited members of the current class.  
Browse all symbols in your project, workspace, and global tag databases.  
Display symbol references found by using the Go To Reference feature.  
View symbol information in other files automatically without leaving the current file or window.  
Locate symbols in your code. Search by name, substring, or regular expression.  
CTags support.
GDB debugger. Supports attaching to running process, core file, and remote.  
Java JDWP debugger.  
WinDbg debugger. Supports attaching to running process, executable, and dump file.  
Google Go debugger.  
Clang C/C++ LLDB.  
Python pydbgp protocol debugger. Supports remote debugging.  
Perl perldb debugger. Supports remote debugging.  
Ruby rdbgp debugger. Supports remote debugging.  
PHP (using Xdebug plugin) debugger. Supports remote debugging.  
XCode debugger. Create your project in XCode, then open and start debugging from SlickEdit.  
Android JVM and NDK (using gdb) debugger.  
Integrated Builds    
Shell window that displays output from project builds and compiles. Double-click on an error line to navigate to the error.  
Run builds, compiles, or any other custom project tools from this menu.  
Beautifiers - Format source code to conform to your style and conventions.    
JavaScript, VBScript. Format HTML embedded JavaScript and VBScript, or standalone scripts.  
Java Live Errors    
Flag syntax and compilation errors as you edit, highlight coding "best practice" warnings.  
JUnit Integration    
Run and debug JUnit unit tests for whole project, a package, or individual file.  
View and reconcile test results from the Unit Testing tool window  
Compare 2 files side by side, highlight lines/characters that do not match, synchronized scrolling.
Find and diff files and folders between 2 directory trees. Display files that are different or missing.  
Merge a base file against 2 modified files.  
Full editing capabilities when comparing and merging files.  
Diff source tokens for files where line breaks do not matter.  
Display symbols (e.g. function definitions) that are different between files.  
Version Control Integration    
Set aside modifications to a set of uncommitted files.
Restore shelved modifications. Modifications are merged and conflicts resolved.
Add toolbars, customize existing toolbars.
Add menus, customize existing menus.
Record and play back a macro to automate repetitive tasks.
Bind a recorded macro to a key, menu item, or toolbar button.
Write custom Slick-C macro commands and functions that can be shared.  
Create Slick-C dialogs and tool windows that can be shared.