Quick Start Configuration Wizard

The Quick Start Configuration Wizard helps you to set up common options and shows you where these options are usually accessed. Each set of options is accessible outside of the wizard, through the normal SlickEdit Options dialogs, by selecting Tools → Options from the main menu.

The following items are configurable through the Quick Start Configuration Wizard:

Emulation - select which other editor SlickEdit will emulate.
Context Tagging - build tag files for common compiler libraries to aid in code navigation.
Colors - set your color scheme.

Fonts - set your font for unicode and non-unicode languages.
Coding - set common coding preferences, like indentation, brace styles, and the use of syntax expansion.
Associate File Types - determine which file types should automatically be loaded in SlickEdit.
Workspaces & Projects Setup - allows you to quickly set up a new project and workspace.
More Information - allows you to export your newly configured options, as well as see the Release Notes and some Cool Features of SlickEdit.