SlickEdit Academic Partner Program for Colleges and Universities

SlickEdit Inc. is proud to partner with the academic community. As part of our commitment to academic success, we provide qualified students, faculty, and accredited institutions of higher learning the award winning programming editor, SlickEdit, at a substantial cost savings.

The SlickEdit Academic Partner Program provides colleges and universities with the multi-platform enterprise edition of SlickEdit. The academic license is available in two forms:

  • As an unlimited user network license of the multi-platform enterprise edition of SlickEdit for $995 per year
  • As a 50 user network license of the multi-platform enterprise edition of SlickEdit for $495 per year

The multi-platform edition supports over 40 programming languages on the Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, AIX, and HP-UX platforms.

Give your students and faculty a competitive advantage with SlickEdit

SlickEdit's award winning multi-language, multi-platform code editor will:

  • Broaden technical skills of faculty and students
  • Reduce learning curves associated with multi-platform development
  • Empower users with a proven technology used by tens-of-thousands of engineers, developers, and analysts around the world

Join the community and become a SlickEdit Academic Partner

Integrating SlickEdit into your school’s curriculum provides an effective and attainable way to offer high-quality, commercial-grade editing software to your students. SlickEdit enables students of computer science, electrical engineering and computer engineering to develop applications in C/C++, Java and many other languages on Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms.

SlickEdit is the one "must-have" solution to use for accomplishing the many programming challenges a student will encounter.

How to Purchase



The SlickEdit Academic Partner Program includes installation support. For questions about SlickEdit, or to exchange ideas, experiences, opinions, and best practices with other SlickEdit users please visit the SlickEdit Community Forums.

"We selected SlickEdit as the editor of choice for various programs of study within the College of Engineering. SlickEdit's multi-platform and multi-language editing environment provides students and faculty with a flexible software development tool that complements our curriculum.

– Bill Scott
Director of Technology
Information Technology and
Engineering Computer Services
North Carolina State University