Your success depends heavily on offering your customers the best solutions possible. Steering your team's focus away from your core strengths to develop an editor may not be the best decision. An OEM arrangement in which you choose to implement award-winning SlickEdit or SlickEdit Core for Eclipse as your editor allows you to deliver the most versatile code editor available to your customer base, while staying focused on your bottom line. Partnering with SlickEdit will also accelerate your time-to-market and save you man hours in development efforts. View our OEM datasheet for more information.

Our editor offers increased speed, outstanding code navigation, a powerful differencing and merge engine, a robust build system, and graphical debuggers that will set you apart from your competition. You have the capability to customize and extend our editor to support additional languages. You can use as little or as many of our features that are needed to improve and add success to your product.

SlickEdit’s innovative technology has been selected as the solution of choice across a broad range of industries. Examples include embedded systems and semiconductor companies, electronic payment solution providers, process automation, and automated test equipment manufacturers. For a complete list of our OEM partners visit our partners page.

From start to finish, we give unlimited focus and dedication to each of our OEM partners to ensure you have exactly what you want and need to be successful. To learn more about how our OEM solutions can benefit your business contact us at +1 919.473.0070 or

OEM Advantages

  • Quick Response Times
  • Unparalleled Code Navigation
  • Outstanding Symbol Analysis
  • Numerous Configuration Options
  • Customizable Language Support
  • Editable, Dynamic Difference Tool
  • Recorded/Programmable Macros
  • Rapid Coding Features
  • Syntax-Driven Search
  • Code Beautifiers

View our complete list of OEM partners.