SlickEdit products all provide advanced editing support for a wide range of programming languages, file types and encodings. SlickEdit products also provide the ability to add language-specific color coding for languages and file types not listed below.

Languages and File Types
ActionScript CSS JSP Python ™ Window® PowerShell™
Ada D Lex REXX x86 Assembly
AppleScript® DocBook Makefile SAS ® XML, XSD
AWK DTD Modula-2 Slick-C® Yacc
Batch Fortran Objective-C SystemVerilog  
Bourne shell High Level Assembler Pascal  Tcl  
C,C++ HTML, CFML Perl Transact SQL ®  
C Shell IDL PHP VBScript  
C# InstallScript PL/I Vera®  
CFScript J# PL/SQL Verilog®  
Ch Java ™ PowerNP Asembler VHDL  
CICS JavaScript ™ Progrss 4GL Visual Basic®, VB.NET ™  
COBOL JCL PV-Wave® Windows batch files  


Color Coding Only
asm Assembler MIPS Foxpro for Windows Tool
asm390 Assembler PPC HP Basic xbase
Aspect Assembler SPARC IMakefile  
Assembler Alpha C Shell INI File  
Assembler Generic CA-Visual Objects Model 204  
Assembler HP Clipper SABL  
Assembler x86 Config File tex  


Unicode UTF-8 Hebrew (IS-8859-8)
Unicode UTF-16 Hebrew (Windows-1255)
Unicode UTF-16 big endian Hebrew (Windows-862)
Unicode UTF-32 Icelandic (Windows-861)
Unicode UTF-32 big endian Icelandic Macintosh (macIceland)
SBCS/DBCS Japanese (Shift-Jis)
EBCDIC (SBCS/DBCS mode) Japanese (jis0201)
Arabic (Windows-1256) Japanese (jis0208)
Arabic (Windows-864) Japanese (jis0212)
Arabic (ISO-8859-6) Japanese (EUC-JP)
Baltic (Windows-775) Japanese Macintosh (macJapan)
Baltic (Windows-1257) Korean (Windows-949)
Canadian French (Windows-863) Korean (ksc5601)
Central and Eastern Europe (ISO-8859-2) Korean (EUC-KR)
Central Europe Macintosh (macCentEuro) Latin 3 (ISO-8859-3)
Chinese Simplified (GB-1988) Latin 4 (ISO-8859-4)
Chinese Simplified (GB-2312) Latin 5 (ISO-8859-9)
Chinese Simplified (EUC-CN) Latin 6 (ISO-8859-10)
Chinese Traditional (Big5) Latin 7 (ISO-8859-13)
Chinese Traditional (GB-12345) Latin 8 (ISO-8859-14)
Chinese Traditional (Windows-950) Latin 9 (ISO-8859-15)
Croatian Macintosh (macCroatian) Latin 10 (ISO-8859-16)
Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5) MS Latin II (Windows-1250)
Cyrillic (KOI8-R) Latin Macintosh (macRoman)
Cyrillic (KOI8-U) Nordic (Windows-865)
Cyrillic (Windows-1251) Portuguese (Windows-860)
Cyrillic IBM (Windows-855) Romanian Macintosh (macRomania)
Cyrillic Alphabet (Windows-866) Slavic (Windows-852)
Cyrillic Macintosh (macCyrillic) Symbol
Dingbats Thai (Windows-874)
Dingbats Macintosh (macDingbats) Thai (tis-620)
DOS Latin 1 (Windows-850) Thai Macintosh (macThai)
DOS Latin US (Windows-437) Turkish (Windows-1254)
Greek (Windows-1253) Turkish IBM (Windows-857)
Greek (ISO-8859-7) Turkish Macintosh (macTurkish)
Greek IBM PC (Windows-737) Ukraine Macintosh (macUkraine)
Greek IBM Modern (Windows-869) Viet (Windows-1258)
Greek Macintosh (macGreek) Western European (Windows)