SlickEdit Core is sold as an annual subscription.
Your subscription allows you to run with any supported version of Eclipse.
Each subscription license is $99 per user per year.
Each subscription license includes Maintenance and Support Service.

License Options
Software provided to you under this option may only be installed on any computer owned or controlled by you, but in no event shall the Software be (1) used by any person other than you and (2) used on more than one computer at the same time.

License Files
SlickEdit Core v3.4 or later requires a License File to authenticate your Subscription License. Your License File is available on your Registered Products page (log in to, then click Registered Products and then click License File). Your License File is portable and may be used on any computer, as long as the license is only used by you. Please refer to the End User License Agreement for full details. SlickEdit Core v3.3 requires Activation and does not support License Files.
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