Linux 64-bit architecture now supported

SlickEdit Core for Eclipse is now available in both 32 and 64 bit architectures on both Windows and Linux.

Beautifier Enhancements

  • SlickEdit now features a new beautifier framework for C/C++ and Objective-C
  • See the "Formatting" section of the C/C++ or Objective-C language options, or you can search for "beautify" in the Options dialog
  • You can use any of the existing profiles, or modify a profile that most closely matches your preferences and save it
  • Java, JavaScript, and other languages will be migrated to use the new beautifier in future releases

Improved PL/I and COBOL Support

All supported Context Tagging operations for PL/I and COBOL are improved in this version, with upgraded or newly implemented parsers. Includes/copybooks are now tagged at parse-time. Background tagging is supported for both languages.

Workspace Tagging Excludes

SlickEdit Core will automatically tag all source files in your Eclipse workspace. The Workspace Tagging Excludes feature allows you to specify absolute paths or partial path components in your workspace which you want to be excluded from automatically being tagged.

workspace excludes

Auto-Reload Performed on a Thread

Auto-reload now uses a thread to access files, preventing SlickEdit from hanging due to unavailable resources. Auto-reload is still performed when you switch applications.