DIFFzilla® - Editable, Dynamic Diff Tool

Use to compare directories and files. When comparing files, the diff highlights the lines and characters that do not match. You can edit the files in the diff view using many of the features available in the editor window. The diff is automatically updated as you edit.


Diff Symbols

Because DIFFzilla uses SlickEdit's powerful for Context Tagging® engine, you can choose to diff just a symbol from a pair of files


Multi-File Diff

Use Multi-File diff to compare entire trees of source files. You can select a file or group of files to diff. Missing files can be copied between the directories, or deleted.

For files that have tagging, you can expand the file node and see which symbols changed. Clicking Diff or double clicking when a different symbol is selected will diff just that symbol.

Mutli-File Diff

Source Diff

Source Diff can detect which differences really matter, and which differences are simply whitespace changes. This can happen if there has been a change in indent level or brace style, common when a file has been beautified. Source Diff reflows the file so that it matches and gives a visual cue that the file has been changed, but does not flag this as a difference.

Source Diff

Diff Specific Columns

Some languages have line numbers that can shift with editing. This can make diffing these files a real pain because the real differences get mixed in with the line number changes that do not really matter. It is for this reason that in SlickEdit for a given language, you can specify what range of columns gets compared by DIFFzilla.

Source Diff
Source Diff

Align With

Sometimes something in a file (usually a function) has moved, but you really need to see the two versions side-by-side. For this reason, SlickEdit has added the ability to align any two arbitrary lines in DIFFzilla.

Use "Align width..." menu item in context menu and choose line in other file to resync with.



Since DIFFzilla allow you to keep editing in diff mode, sometimes you make some changes and you want to start the diff over.

It is for this reason we have added a Re-Diff button to the difference editor. Just click it any time to recompare the currently loaded files.

Also, new for SlickEdit 2019, you can change your diff options right on the difference editor dialog.


Current Context Windows in DIFFzilla

Before you know where you are going, you have to know where you are. Even though displays have gotten bigger and bigger, sometimes you cannot tell what function you are currently working in.

For years now, SlickEdit has had a curent context window docked at the top of the editor to help with this. Now this same convenience has come to DIFFzilla.

Only SlickEdit can offer this feature because it uses SlickEdit's powerful Context Tagging engine.