Text Editor

Text Editing in SlickEdit

SlickEdit has the most powerful text editor features available including large file editing, regular expression searching, multi-file search and replace, block selections, multiple cursors and selections, hex editing, soft wrap, word wrap, auto completions, word completion, macro recording, a powerful command line, and backup history.



Choose from fifteen keyboard emulations, containing the key bindings and behaviors necessary to emulate other editors. Emulation charts are available in the "docs" subdirectory of your SlickEdit installation.


Large File Editing

High performance editing of files up to 2TB.

Large File

DIFFzilla® - Editable, Dynamic Diff Tool

Use to compare directories and files. When comparing files, the diff highlights the lines and characters that do not match. You can edit the files in the diff view using many of the features available in the editor window. The diff is automatically updated as you edit.


Backup History

Each time a file is saved, the current version is added to the Backup History. You can view the list of versions and compare the current version against a previous version or restore a previous version. This creates a detailed history for versions that are not ready to be checked in.



Completions reduce keystrokes by automatically completing symbols as you type. After typing the first few characters of a symbol, a brief pause will pop up a list of possible completions. This list is comprised of matching symbols in the tag database and matching lines of code in the current buffer. If a line match is selected you can add successively more text from that line using the complete-more command (Ctrl+Shift+Space).


Word Completion

Complete the text at the cursor by matching existing text in your file. Use Ctrl+Shift+Comma to match backward from the current position, or Ctrl+Shift+Dot to match forward. Ctrl+Shift+Space completes more of the current match.


Multiple Cursors and Selections

Perform multiple edits at the same time on different lines/selections.


Multi-File Search and Replace

SlickEdit has the most powerful search engine available. Search and replace using regular expressions. Search and replace across multiple files, with multi-file undo support. Search zip files, Word and Excel files. Exclude items based on color coding. Direct output to multiple tabs so you do not overwrite previous output.

Multi-File Search
Multi-File Search

Block Selections

Block Selections, sometimes called Column Selections, allow you to easily copy, cut, paste, and overlay column oriented data.


Syntax-driven Searching

Use the Color Coding engine to reduce the number of false positives in your searches by restricting searches based on program syntax. For example, you can limit a search to find or omit comments, as well as restrict or omit string literals. Click the Color button on the Find and Replace tool window to configure search options.


Regex Evaluator

Allows you to type a regular expression and run it against test cases, highlighting matched expressions and groups.

Regex Evaluator

Spell Check

SlickEdit's spell checker will also detect repeated words, and allow you to spell check only in comments and strings.

Regex Evaluator
Spell Check

Auto Save

SlickEdit's Auto Save feature saves after a period of inactivity or an absolute period of time.

It even auto saves files that are not named!

Regex Evaluator
Spell Check

Smart Line Selections

Line selections for single or multiple lines are pasted above or below the current line of code (depending upon "Line insert style" setting), saving you from tediously positioning the cursor at the beginning or end of a line prior to pasting the selected lines.


Multiple Clipboards

Need to paste something from several copies ago? No problem. SlickEdit's keeps 15 clipboards by default, but you can set the number. You can even auto-restore clipboards.

Mutliple Clipboards
Mutliple Clipboards


Define short names that can be expanded to insert text into a file or directory path in SlickEdit, using (Ctrl+Space). Aliases can automatically insert the date, time, cursor placement, or prompt for parameters.


Recorded and Programmable Macros

Use macros to automate frequently repeated tasks. Recorded macros capture a sequence of operations as you apply them and can be replayed at a later time. Programmable macros use the SlickEdit Slick-C® programming language to customize and extend the functionality of SlickEdit.


Slick-C® Supports Building Multi-Platform GUI Dialogs

SlickEdit's macro language supports creating multi-platform GUI dialog boxes. Have a piece of a custom build process that can't be handled without some input? No problem.


Command Line

The command line provides instant access to the most powerful SlickEdit commands without ever touching the mouse. To activate the command line, press Escape (Ctrl+A in Vim emulation or Alt+X in GNU Emacs emulation).

Here is a top-20 list of SlickEdit commands:

  • e file Edit a file
  • sa file Save file as
  • number Go to line number
  • f symbol Find a symbol
  • /search_string/options Search for a string
  • c/search/replace/options Replace a string
  • gt/search/options Substring search for a symbol
  • sb name Set a bookmark
  • gb name Jump to a bookmark
  • help topic View help on topic
  • man command Show Unix man page
  • cd directory Change directory
  • dir directory Show directory in the file manager
  • list wildcards Show directory tree in the file manager
  • del filename Delete file
  • pushd directory Push directory
  • popd Pop directory
  • set env=value Set environment variable
  • dos command Execute command outside of editor
  • math expr Evaluate expression