Compare SlickEdit editions and see which is right for you.

Not sure which edition of SlickEdit you need?

SlickEdit Standard: Perfect for individuals performing mainly single file oriented operations. Loading very large files (log files, XML databases, etc.) is quick and painless. Syntax expansion, completions, and aliases means much less typing and fewer mistakes. Backup History will track your changes each time you save a file, making it quick and easy to revert to an earlier saved version.

SlickEdit Pro: Ideal for teams and individuals building and debugging large or complex projects. Integration with your team's version control system, along with powerful file differencing tools, keep you and your team in sync. All your project's symbols are tagged for quick lookup, letting you navigate from a symbol to its definition or reference without searching. Keep your hands on the keyboard as SlickEdit automatically completes symbols and offers suggestions as you type. Beautifiers effortlessly reformat existing code, and automatically reformat code you type or paste.

Whichever edition you choose, rest assured that you will not be waiting while SlickEdit starts up. You can launch SlickEdit, edit a file, and shut down in less time than it takes other IDEs to finish loading.