SlickEdit 2014: What's New

Floating Window Group Layouts

Editors and tool windows go together like peanut butter and jelly.

You can now dock tool windows to floating window groups.

But it gets better! You can also create named layouts for floating window groups. This allows you to easily switch between tool window layouts. When you drag/drop a Document Tab to create a floating window group, SlickEdit will automatically apply your default layout.

New Beautifiers

Beautiful code is a right, not a privilege.

In addition to improved formatting of HTML, XML, JavaScript, and VBScript, we have added support for embedded PHP script.

SlickEdit will automatically apply your indenting, brace style, and other settings to code as you type, or you can format an entire file.

Multiple Cursors and Selections

If you like performing repetitive tasks, then you won't be interested in this feature. However we think most of you will love Multiple Cursors and Selections which allows you to perform multiple edits at the same time on different lines/selections.

Add cursors and selections individually with the mouse or keyboard. Many operations you normally use to operate on a single selection/cursor now work on multiple selections/cursors:

  • Cursor movement - left, right, up, down, next/prev word
  • Selection operations - upcase, lowcase, fill
  • Simple typing operations - Syntax expansion, word completion
  • Copy/paste - cursors are saved to clipboard and pasted to destination cursors
  • Automatically surround multiple selections with " ' ` ( ) [ ] { } - great, for example, to quote a list of selected words


SlickEdit 2014's Shelving feature allows you to quickly save away modifications to a set of files that can be reverted, and restore the modifications at a later date. It is designed for when an interruption like a bug fix requires you to put aside a feature you are working on. Shelves are zip files that store the base version of the specified files as well as the modified versions. Currently Shelving supports Perforce, SVN, Git, Mercurial, and CVS.

New Backup History Browser

  • Allows you to restore files you have previously saved that have been deleted.
  • Gives you an easy way to view the files you have modified and saved recently. This is very useful if you want to back out some changes you have made and need to know what files you have been modifying.

Word Wrap Enhancements

  • Typing, Backspace, and Del keys all do full word wrap.
  • New Automatic Left Margin feature. Left margin determined based on first non blank character in the line.
  • Define a right margin, or fixed width right margin (another new feature).

More Features

Google Go

Google Go project support has been added, along with integrated debugging.


We have improved Python Context Tagging support for run-times. Smart indenting for function parameter lists is also improved to support PEP 8 style guidelines.


We have improved tagging and completion for C++11 and STL classes.

Visual Studio 2013

We have added support for opening native projects and solutions for C++, C#, C# Device, VB Device, F#, and J#

Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 Express

We have added support for opening native projects and solutions for C++, C#, VB, and F#

See the full list of new features