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SlickEdit takes a long time to start on Windows.


Cause of Problem--  This can be because Windows binaries are signed with a VeriSign Digital signature.If the revocation list is out-of-date, and the machine has no internet connection, or if the connection to the certificate revocation list download site is not trusted, this revocation list check can bog down application startup. The default delay for this check is 15 seconds (hardcoded in the Microsoft security APIs).

Solution(s)--Make sure the "Update Root Certificates" component is installed:
Go to Add/Remove Programs, and then click on the Add/Remove Windows Components. In that list, make sure "Update Root Certificates" has been checked. If not, check it and install it.


Get the latest certificate revocation list and install it locally:

The list from VeriSign is at and the list from Microsoft is at  Copy and paste the URLs into Internet Explorer. (You will want to add and to the list of trusted sites. IE will help you do this once you paste in the URLs. Make sure the "Require server verification (https:) for all sites" is NOT checked, otherwise, you won't be able to add those sites.