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A true cross-platform, multi-language code editor, with support for over 60 languages.

SlickEdit Standard: Great for single file oriented operations and one-off scripts. Loading very large files is quick and painless.

SlickEdit Pro: Build and debug large or complex projects. Stay in sync with version control integration and powerful file differencing tools. All your project's symbols are tagged for quick and easy lookup, analysis, and navigation.


Whichever edition you choose, enjoy fast startup, smart editing features, and increased productivity.

Compare editions

SlickEdit Standard


One-time purchase,

All platforms - Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi

Highlighted features:

  • Syntax expansion and indenting

  • SmartPaste®

  • Keystroke emulations

  • Multiple cursors and selections

  • Backup History

  • Macro recording in Slick-C

  • Edit files up to 2 TB

SlickEdit Pro


One-time purchase,

All platforms - Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi

All Standard Edition features, plus:

  • Symbol analysis and navigation

  • Debuggers

  • Integrated builds

  • Beautifiers

  • Diffzilla with editing and folder diff support

  • Version control support with Shelving

  • Java Live Errors

  • JUnit Integration

  • Macro development in Slick-C with no limit on recorded macros.

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