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Compare SlickEdit editions and see which is right for you.

  • (Pro only) Automatically reformat code when typing, pasting, or performing syntax/alias expansion.

  • Syntax expansion automatically expands common block structures (e.g. if, for, try) after typing keyword.

  • Auto-Complete reduces keystrokes by completing symbols as you type.

  • SmartPaste(R) Automatically reindents pasted lines of text.

  • Choose from 15 keystroke emulations including Brief, CodeWright, Vim, and Emacs.

  • Multiple cursors and selections.

  • Create custom typing shortcuts with Aliases.

  • Dynamic Surround - Surround existing lines of code with block Statements or tags.

  • Create reusable modules/units of code with Code Templates.

  • Backup History maintains a version history file each time you save.

  • Edit files up to 2TB in size.

Symbol Analysis and Navigation
  • (Pro only) Navagate source code, jump to a symbol definition, declaration, or reference.

  • (Pro only) List members/methods/properties for a symbol or object.

  • (Pro only) When entering function arguments, display prototype and highlight current argument.

  • (Pro only) when entering function argument list compatible variables and expressions.

  • (Pro only) View members and inherited members of the current class.

  • (Pro only) Browse all symbols in your project, workspace, and global tag databases.

  • (Pro only) Display symbol references found by using the Go To Reference feature.

  • (Pro only) View symbol information in other files automatically without leaving the current file or window.

  • (Pro only) local symbols in your code. Search by name, or regular expression.

  • CTags support

  • (Pro only) GDB debugger. Supports attaching to running process, core file, and remote.

  • (Pro only) Java JDWP debugger.

  • (Pro only) Google Go debugger.

  • (Pro only) Clang C/C++ LLDB.

  • (Pro only) Python pydbgp protocol debugger. Supports remote debugging.

  • (Pro only) Perl perldb debugger. Supports remote debugging.

  • (Pro only) PHP (using Xdebug plugin) debugger. Supports remote debugging.

  • (Pro only) XCode debugger. Create your project in XCode, open your XCode project in Slickedit, and start debugging from SlickEdit.

  • (Pro only) Android JVM and NDK (using gdb) debugger.

Integrated Builds
  • (Pro only) Shell/Terminal window that displays output from project builds and compiles. Double-click on an error line to navagate to the error.

  • (Pro only)Run builds, compiles, or any other custom project tools from this menu.

  • (Pro only) Run multiple Shell/Terminal windows using the Terminal Tool window

Beautifiers - Format souce code to conform to your style and conventions.
  • (Pro only) Beautifiers for C++, Object-C, Java, Groovy, XML, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, JSON, Python, Rust, Verilog, System Verilog, Ada, Slick-C.

Java Live Errors
  • (Pro only) Flag syntax and compilation errors as you edit, highlight coding "best practice" warnings.

JUnit integration
  • (Pro only) Run and debug JUnit unit tests for whole project, a package, or individual file.

  • (Pro only) View and reconcile test results from the Unit Testing tool window.

  • Compare 2 files side by side, highlight lines/characters that do not match, synchronized scrolling.

  • (Pro only) Find and diff files and folders between 2 directory trees. Display files that are different or missing.

  • (Pro only) Merge a base file against 2 modified files.

  • (Pro only) Full editing capabilities when comparing and merging files.

  • (Pro only) Source Diff - Diff source tokens for files where line breaks do not matter. Great for diffing beautified files.

  • (Pro only) Choose symbols (e.g. function definitions) to diff.

  • (Pro only) Live Diff - Shows a comparison of the file you're editing with the version in source control while you keep editing.

Version Control Integration
  • (Pro only) Version Control integration for Git, Subversion, CVS, Mercurial, Perforce, and Clearcase.

  • (Pro only) Shelving - Set aside modifications to a set of uncommitted files. Restore shelved modifications. Modifications are merged and conflicts resolved.

  • Add toolsbars, customize existing toolbars.

  • Add menus, customize existing menus.

  • Record and play back a macro to automate repetitive tasks.

  • Bind a recorded macro to a key, menu item, or toolbar button.

  • (Pro only) Write custom Slick-C macro commands and functions that can be shared.

  • (Pro only) Create Slick-C dialogs and tool windows that can be shared.

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