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About Us


SlickEdit Inc. provides software developers with multi-language development tools and the most advanced code editors available. Power programmers, from Fortune 500 companies to individuals, have chosen SlickEdit as their development tool of choice for over 30 years. Proven on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and macOS platforms, SlickEdit products enable even the most accomplished developers to write more code faster, and more accurately.


J. Clark Maurer, President and Chief Executive Officer

J. Clark Maurer incorporated SlickEdit in 1988 and leads the innovative technology initiatives at the SlickEdit. Prior to founding SlickEdit, Mr. Maurer was a lead programmer at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center where he designed and implemented the number one internal use only product called E, used by over 25,000 users at IBM. Mr. Maurer's technology leadership has allowed SlickEdit products to win numerous prestigious awards. Mr. Maurer has a BS in Computer Science from the College of Engineering at Cornell University and holds one US Patent related to development tools for object-oriented programming.

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