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SlickEdit 2023: What's New

SlickEdit 2023 is a cross-platform, multi-language code editor that gives programmers the ability to code in over 70 languages on Windows, Linux, macOS, and more. This latest version builds on the company’s nearly 36 years of experience in enabling developers and development teams to create, navigate, modify, build, and debug code faster and more accurately. SlickEdit 2023 delivers a wide range of powerful new features and existing feature enhancements.

Block Matching (find matching paren)
  • Parenthesis, brace, and bracket matching uses a new high performance set of callbacks written in C++ (rather than Slick-C) for languages that support building a token list while parsing.

  • XML and HTML block matching has been rewritten in C++ for additional speed and also provides some new features.

  • Implemented advanced fast block matching for: Assembly, Bourne Shell, C Shell, Erlang, Fortran, C# LINQ query expression, Clojure, Common Lisp, M4, Module-2, PowerShell, Rust, SQL (Pl/SQL, Sybase, DB2, and Ansi), Swift

New Dockerfile Language Support
  • Color coding

New Django Language Support
  • Add Django color coding to HTML or other languages.

New Common Lisp Language Support
  • Color Coding

  • Symbol Navigation

  • Symbol Completion and List-symbols

  • References

  • Statement Tagging

  • Auto Parameter Information

  • Docs for all Common Lisp builtins

  • Syntax Indent

  • Expand/Collapse Code Blocks

  • Advanced Paren matching

  • Interactive Shell for SBCL

  • F1 API Help jumps to Lisp Hyperspec

All Language Enhancements
  • Added "Encoding for new files" option to language specific File Options. For example, you could set "Encoding for new files" for Plain Text (.txt) to "Utf-8" which includes a signature. The encoding for existing files isn't changed but new files you create would default to Utf-8 with a signature.

  • Added "Encoding" option to language specific File Options. The extension specific encoding option is still available in case you need more granularity.

  • Added new frameworks for fast block matching (find-matching-paren)

  • Added ability for language specific parsers to annotate the token list with block matching information

  • Added ability for block matching to recognize start, scope, and end positions of a symbol or statement as a block matching group.  Languages with a good statement parser, even they have no codified block matching intelligence will get good block matching using this technique.

CSS Enhancements
  • Inline color samples. Click on the sample color to change them. Soft Wrap view mode not supported.

HTML Enhancements
  • Inline color samples. Click on the sample color to change them. Soft Wrap view mode not supported.

XML and HTML Enhancements
  • Smarter handling of XML and HTML self closing tags.  Typing /while in a tag will finish the self-closing tag.  Hitting space or enter between / and > will expand the self-closing tag with a complete end tag.

  • Support for completion of entity names within HTML and XML attributes.

Scala Enhancements
  • Updated Scala debugger backend to improve performance and breakpoint handling.

Bourne Shell Enhancements
  • Improved color coding

  • Implemented native Bourne Shell parser for tagging which has statement tagging support and also picks up locals and global variables.

C Shell Enhancements
  • Implemented native PowerShell parser for tagging which has statement tagging support and also picks up locals and global variables.

  • Made numerous improvements to PowerShell syntax coloring for builtin functions and variables.

PowerShell Enhancements
  • Implemented native C Shell parser for tagging which has statement tagging support and also picks up locals and global variables.

Clojure Enhancements
  • Added select-code-block support.

  • Expand/Collapse Code Blocks

  • Symbol Completion for API Symbols

  • Auto Parameter Information

  • F1 API Help jumps to Clojure API pages

Windows Batch Enhancements
  • Improved color coding

  • Added new option (ON by default) to show brief comment summary for Auto-Complete and Function Parameter Info in order to save screen space

  • Added new auto-correction feature to Auto-list members and Auto parameter information such that, on failure, Context Tagging® attempts to find and fix typos in the identifier to the left of the cursor so that Auto list-members or Auto list-parameters can succeed.

  • Auto-list compatible parameters (invoked on demand by hitting Alt+Comma twice in a function argument list), can now provide completions for inserting the entire argument list from the prototype it is displaying.  This is to make it easier to complete writing method overrides or implementing a function prototype.  This is only availabe in C/C++ and related languages.

Version Control - Git
  • Diff Selection with most up to date. Select a group of lines to diff with Git. User configurable ability to extend from the selection to the ends of the difference block. User configurable ability number of matching lines required at the top and bottom of the difference block.

  • Added Go to GitHub for repository name to Version Control menu

Editor Window
  • Force-wrapped long lines now have a long line indicator drawn on the right side of the editor.

  • Added "Edit > Insert Unicode Char..." dialog (insert-unicode) for quick entry of Unicode characters.

  • Added delete-all-blank-lines command.

  • Fixes for a number of line oriented commands which needed to ignore the last line of empty char/stream selection.

Find and Replace
  • Improved granularity of items for color coding searches. For example, you can search for any String, single quoted strings, or backquoted strings.

  • Improved multi-file search and replace performance.

  • Added time elapsed for multi-file search or replace operations.

  • Now ` and ! can be used instead of / (slash) for command line search/replace (`find-me` or c`find-me`replace-with-me`). Using other separators requires a space between the command name and the search separator character (l $find-me$ or c $find-me$replace-with-me$)

  • Changed format of vrestore.slk to XML (vrestore.xml). It is fairly easy to make edits to vrestore.xml due to it's simplicity.

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