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Why do I get a license error when attempting to launch SlickEdit® on Linux?


When attempting to launch SlickEdit, it errors with the following:

Timeout opening or creating license file '/opt/slickedit/bin/vslicklm/.license.slk'.

You will want to make sure your system administrator has given all users read/write access to this file and that this file exists.

It is also possible that the license semaphore did not get properly deleted and the license.slk did not get re-written properly.
This can happen due to network/user configuration changes.

Go to your /opt/slickedit/bin/vslicklm directory and do a full listing on that directory (ls -al). Do you see a file called ".license.sem"? If so, delete it, as well as the license.slk file. SlickEdit should then start without a problem.


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